Before you start

There’s just one thing…

Here at Baseline Fitness we offer a friendly and personalised environment for all ages and abilities to pursue their health and fitness goals.

We prepare our members for success through a variety of classes such as Functional Fitness, Sweat Circuits, Weight lifting, Bodybuilding, Spinning and Yoga!

 We offer this huge variety of fitness methodologies via group/personal instruction or open gym with complete confidence and can guarantee that this facility is unbeatable.

A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (or PAR-Q) is a small assessment of your ability to be able to take part in physical and aerobic activity. If you haven’t been active recently, haven’t been to a gym before, or are ramping up your exercise intensity, the PAR-Q can help to work out if you’re ready to safely exercise. If you are not, then we may recommend a trip to your Doctor or Physician to assess how far you can safely push yourself.

If you are beginning to get more physically active, then it's important that you are fit to do so. Please read the following statements and click which are applicable to you (required)

I have a heart condition I feel pain in my chest after or during physical exercise I have had chest pains when not exercising in the last month I have recently lost my balance due to dizziness or loss of consciousness I have a problem with my bones or joints which could be made worse with physical activity I am currently being prescribed medication from a Doctor for blood pressure or a heart condition I know of any other reasons why I would not be fit to take part in physical activity in a gym environment

Please confirm your acceptance of the following statements by checking the box to the left of each one