Men's Challenge

Transform the way you look, elevate the way you feel and take the first steps to a happier, healthier you. Our six-week transformation challenge guarantees long-lasting results without the need for continuous gym visits and unsustainable food restrictions. With access to one of the most comprehensive coaching guides on the market, you’ll not only learn new lifestyle habits, but improve your physical health and foster a more positive mindset too.

Who's this for?

The challenge is for you if you are someone who:

  • Is looking to improve their health and mental wellbeing
  • Wants to increase energy levels, lower anxiety and build confidence
  • Wants to drop body fat, gain muscle and look and feel great naked with zero food restrictions
  • Looking to improve your fitness and performance
  • Wants to create a better lifestyle and mindset for life

What's Included?

This transformation challenge is fit for all abilities no matter if you are just starting or have been training for years but lacking the knowledge and guidance. Here’s everything you can expect to receive when you sign up to our latest six-week challenge:

  • 6 week training program catered to your ability and training experience (beginners, intermediate, advanced):
    • Video demonstrations for each exercise
    • Reps, sets and rest periods provided that progress through the 6 weeks
    • Comment sections for each exercise for you to log results
    • Feed back for each session from our industry leading coaches
  • Weekly mindset and lifestyle coaching through private Facebook group to give you the understanding of why and how to sustain long term results
  • Full access to True Coach (coaching platform)
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Individual calorie and macro prescriptions
  • Recipe and educational e-books
  • Private online Facebook group
  • Before and After Photos
  • Start and end measurement graphs
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Welcome pack
  • Habit tracking
  • The HELP and accountability you’ve been missing to keep you on track.